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Trust, Important Factor in Leading 30 November 2009

Posted by thl4all in Artikel THL TBPP, Inspirasi.
The first thing to do to be elected is how to have goals and objectives that we offer can be accepted by the people in the organization. This acceptance will be easy to obtain if they trust us. So the trust factor becomes a very critical factor.
In exercising its function as an agricultural extension agent (PPL), tips on what to do to succeed in such a work plan, introduced by the authorities farmer groups; provide motivation, such as giving praise when successful and encouraging if still not successful. Other tips, that is for members who can not verbally express the problem is done by writing each problem and do practice or work directly with communities as a form of responsibility in performing their tasks.
Other tips, freedom responsible for the opinions expressed. Create an environment where people feel safe to express his opinion, the cons though. And this is not limited to words. Prove the behavior that we are giving rewards to those who do not agree and on those who innovate. All of these affect the emergence of an atmosphere of mutual trust. Trust arises not because of tips and specific techniques, but emerged from a deeper base, namely the leader’s personal character.
There are four elements in the personal character that will engender trust from others. First, competence. Subordinates must have confidence that the leadership has the ability to perform duties and responsibilities. Second, the integrity of leaders. The only word to deed is the main criterion. Third, in any condition to take sides on the leader who led them. Subordinates must be to feel that the leader will provide support and advocacy for them. Fourth, regardless of the lives of people who work. Empathize with them. Give a big concern over the implications of our actions and decisions of their lives.
Being a leader is not easy. However, everyone basically has the capacity to lead. Whatever his leadership experience is a good start. The process of becoming a leader is not really different from the process of becoming a whole person.


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